Multi-Sectoral Supervisor

The Bureau Telecommunication & Post is a multi-sectoral independent supervisor and in such capacity it applies itself to the monitoring of service providers and end users of telecommunication services and/or the products originating from same (fixed telephone connections, cellular telephony and long distance telephony); the broadcasting sector (radio and TV), the postal sector, the electricity sector, the water distribution sector and the fuel sector. By the independent status of the Bureau its added value in these markets as supervisor is three-fold, to wit:

  • For the consumer/end-user through its involvement of guarantor of the quality of the services provided and the products, by seeing to affordable tariffs for consumers and by corrective action against transgressions committed by the producers and service providers of the sector-related legislation, policy directives and guidelines s issued by the government.
  • For the producer or provider of services and products, through its role of supervisor in the various sectors and as sector-expert by means of providing information and advice, as the specialist in the field of sector-related policy, law and regulation and by monitoring the due observance of all this.
  • For the government through preparing of policy and legislation and by acting as advisor to the government in this framework.

In practice this supervisory authority of BT&P translates into a variety of tasks ranging from supervision on the technical (quality) aspects of products and service provision to, the issuance of licenses, and concessions based on terms and conditions prescribed by law and allocation and management of frequencies and numbers, up to the realization of affordable tariffs.

With its knowledge and power the BT&P organization also serves as a catalyst for the technological and economic development and growth of the various sectors which have an impact on society and which are governed by its powers. Apart from this, it offers adequate solutions for bottlenecks which impede this development and growth and offers support at the implementation thereof.

Notifications and hints

Your contribution is of priceless value for BT&P. Please notify us of your complaint, report your findings to us or send us your hints. Information of the public and end-users received by us regarding the functioning of concessionaries and license-holders, is highly valuable for BT&P in order to carry out its supervision. If you experience some disturbance , or if you have a complaint  about a service or a product, do not hesitate to Contact us via 463-1700 or inform us by means of the Complaint form, with a clear indication of the sector which you complaint refers to. BT&P will mobilize its expertise to detect the cause of the problem and will remedy same within the scope of its authority.

Contact Info

Beatrixlaan 9, Curaçao
P.O. Box 2047
Phone: (5999) 463-1700
Fax: (5999) 736-5265