Press Release - BT&P continues Smart Nation initiatives


Willemstad, 27 January 2017

BT&P continues Smart Nation initiatives

Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT&P), in collaboration with the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning, Mrs. Suzy Camelia Römer, this week launched  the project for the realization of Curaçao as the first Small Smart & Safe Nation in the Caribbean (CSSSN).

BT&P, as a multi sectoral authority, in the context of the National Development Plan 2015 – 2030 (NDP), together with the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning, aims to boost a sustainable development for Curaçao. This implies primarily that, in a holistic sense, through integration of the development goals of the NDP, citizens become more prosperous.

Secondly, at the same time, this also entails implementing and embedding a transformation process by using all modern technologies, instruments, information and partnerships to improve the said quality of life of citizens create new opportunities and perspectives to do business, and to enable an anticipatory government policy.

BT&P remains at the forefront

For quite some time, BT&P has been taking the lead in shaping this policy into concrete form. By way of continuation of this effort and following up on previous activities, including the Smart Nation conference in 2016, BT&P has engaged in a new initiative with the CSSSN platform. This initiative will take on substantive form by bringing together in conjunction into one platform all stakeholders, in charge of the building blocks which are focused on the use of modern technology, in order to deliver a uniform effort towards the realization of the set objective.

Integration of own assets

This effort of BT&P is based on the vision to securely integrate multiple ICT solutions, in order to integrate our countries’ own assets. This entails: government information systems, the educational system and related institutions, energy and water production networks, telecommunications networks and related services, institutions in charge of law enforcement and all other organizations in charge of services provided to citizens in general.


In view of the objective mentioned above, earlier this week, on 24th January last, the first meeting of the CSSSN platform took place and was attended by: Blue NAP Americas Data Center; Curaçao Ports Authority, minister of Finance (Mr. Rughenaath), BT&P represented by director mr. Franklin Sluis, and representatives of the Ministry of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning. More stakeholders will be added to this list this year.

The director of BT&P as initiator and facilitator of the Small Smart and Safe Nation initiative, will continue to be driven to mobilize all local stakeholders towards alignment at the forefront of a comprehensive effort. In the period lying ahead regular meetings will be convened and at the same time lobbying will take place to bridge the gap towards more stakeholders. Additionally more specific goals will be set to ultimately establish a detailed plan of action which is expected to be finalized in June 2017.


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