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With an amendment of the Regulation for national subsidies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, a one-off subsidy scheme was introduced for the improvement of the telecommunication facilities in the Dutch Caribbean. The holders of a concession for the commercial operation of a telecom¬muni¬cations infrastructure may submit an application for subsidy from 1 July 2016. Subsidy applications may be submitted until 31 December 2016.

Application to be granted subsidy
Concession holders may by themselves or as a group apply for a subsidy for the improvement of the telecommunications facilities in the Dutch Caribbean through an application form.

The minister may grant subsidy to a concession holder or a joint venture of concession holders for a project benefitting the end users in the public bodies Bonaire, Sint-Eustatius or Saba and oriented to:

•    Upgrade a mobile telecommunications network to a higher technological standard
•    Improve the capacity of the telecommunication infrastructure
•    Improve the robustness or redundancy of parts of the telecommunications infrastructure to prevent a breakdown
•    Realize telecommunications provisions for facilities in the public interest, in any case including health care and education

An application for subsidy shall in any case contain:
a.    Information about the applicant, including the number the enterprise is registered under at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry as referred to in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Act BES, the postal address and visiting address and the bank account
b.    Information about the contact person of the applicant, including the name, the telephone number and the e-mail address
c.    A project plan
d.    A project budget
e.    A financial substantiation from which it is evidenced that the applicant, at the moment the application is submitted, is not capable of making the project cost-effective without subsidy

After a decision to grant the subsidy is issued, the minister will provide for advance payments.*

Application for determination of subsidy
At the conclusion of a subsidy or credit project, the subsidy will be determined. When this is determined, the subsidy amount is established. The recipient of the subsidy must send an application form for this no later than thirteen weeks after the time when the project must be concluded. The decision to determine the subsidy will then be issued within thirteen weeks after this application or after the term of thirteen weeks has passed and no application to determine subsidy has been received.

Upon the decision you will account for:
•    The financial situation: determine the definitive level of the subsidy and subsequently set off with the advance payments
•    The activities eligible for subsidy: have the activities been carried out for which the subsidy was granted on the basis of the subsidy regulations?
•    The result: has the objective been achieved?

An application to determine a subsidy shall in any case contain:
a.    Information about the applicant, including the name of the applicant and the reference number issued by the minister
b.    The extent of the subsidy to be established
c.    The core information for the substantiation of the subsidy determination
d.    The date on which execution of the activities subsidized under this title has been started

There is a ceiling amount for subsidy of € 1,700,000.-. The subsidy furthermore amounts to no more than 50% of the costs for activities eligible for subsidy, up to a maximum of € 300,000.- per project.

The full regulation is available on

*) Chapter 12 Framework Decisions national subsidies of the Ministry of Economic Affairs applies

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