CANTO 32nd edition 31st July - 5th August 2016

Inspiring ICT Innovations: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships
CANTO has been the leading authority in Caribbean telecommunications for over 3 decades, shaping information and communications technology by bringing together stakeholders throughout the Caribbean and the world.

CANTO 2015: role of broadband innovation
In 2015 CANTO addressed the theme: “Improving lives through broadband innovation”, as broadband provides an equalizer to the economic playing field, as stated at the 31st CANTO last year.
The pivotal role that ICT can play in transforming the development fortunes of countries in the Caribbean was addressed emphatically.

CANTO 2016: role of partnership in ICT innovation and sustainable development

For the 32nd edition establishing the focal point of the event undoubtedly must have been influenced by the large body of evidence that has been amassed over the years concluding that affordable and effective broadband connectivity is a vital catalyst in economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection.

In spite of the crucial role of broadband penetration on GDPs, 57% of the world still does not enjoy regular access to the internet (ICT Facts & Figures 2015). With this in view, the Broadband Commission for Digital Development, established in 2010 by ITU and UNESCO, amongst many others has sought to promote the adoption of effective and inclusive broadband policies and practices worldwide with a view to achieving development goals and empowering individuals in every society through the benefits of broadband, the promotion of sustainable development and eradication of poverty.

However empowering people via broadband, next to infrastructure, also requires investments in broadband and combining the latter with new investments in training and education to ensure that every individual has skills, capabilities and opportunities to make the most of ICTs and new technologies.

More and more the realization is setting in that worldwide, including the Caribbean, countries need to adopt effective policies and strategies to make broadband increasingly available, affordable and most of all accessible, as it is a vital enabler of sustainable development.

One of the areas of focus that will be further explored at the 32nd edition of CANTO is that information and effective collaborations are key in the improvement of policy making on this subject matter. Therefore it is a fundamental prerequisite that public and private sectors work together in close partnership to achieve broadband access for all. It is equally important that developing countries in the Caribbean realize that prioritizing on digital development is imperative to enhance national competitiveness and deliver tangible improvements in their countries’ living standards and welfare, including closing the gap in access to ICTs and broadband.

To the same end the 32nd CANTO conference and exhibition, held from 31st July – 5th August 2016, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, responds with this year’s theme: Inspiring ICT Innovations: Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through Sustainable Strategic Partnerships.

In line with this theme the objective of the event is to encourage all stakeholders to create and foster an environment of entrepreneurship by harnessing the natural talent that is present. Additionally, through inspiring creativity and innovation by utilizing and fostering strategic partnerships, the development of SMART sustainable products and services is enabled, which in turn can add value to markets, reducing poverty and fostering environmental conservation. Achieving this involves a delicate balance of economical, sociological and environmental goals which will require partnerships between public and private entities to have a better chance of succeeding. CANTO gladly takes the lead in this endeavor during its 32nd edition.

CANTO 2016 Conference agenda
Like previous years BT&P will be represented by its delegates at the 32nd edition of CANTO.

The conference agenda is available on the CANTO website. Click here to view.

(Sources: ICT Facts & Figures 2015 l The State of Broadband 2015 l Impact Broadband on Economy l BT&P Publication period: 2016)

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