Survey into use of ICT by households and by individuals in preparation

The Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT&P) and the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) are preparing a survey together, about the use of ICT by households and by individuals. This survey should map out to what extent and in which manner users in Curaçao make use of local ICT facilities.
Also, ICT security (‘cybersecurity’) and quality perception of the provision of service (where input has been received from Fundashon pa Konsumido), are important elements of this survey. This is the first time the survey will be conducted with such depth and scope. As a result, there is no representative reference material available yet, with which the survey currently in preparation might be compared. According to plan, the survey will be conducted in 2016.


Importance of this survey for Curaçao


In recent years, the BT&P has observed a strong growth in numbers and speeds of the broadband connections in Curaçao (from the ‘supply side’ of the market). The affordability of broadband has also improved significantly over the past 5 years (Click here for an illustration in Figure 1).
Whether this development also resulted in a growth of ICT use by households and individuals (the ‘demand side’ of the market) should become apparent from this survey. In order to be able to warrant further investments in maintenance, innovation and expansion of the ICT facilities, an upward development in the ICT use by households and individuals (the demand side) is an important condition. A balanced market of demand and supply, also productive use of ICT, may provide an essential contribution to economic growth and social inclusion.

Added value of the results

The results of the survey will also enable an international benchmark (reference survey), because in other economies the same international definitions and questions of the International Telecommu­nication Union (ITU) are used as for the survey that is focused on Curaçao.

BT&P will also be able to further direct the outcome of the survey on its cybersecurity policy, which is implemented by Caricert.

In short, the survey shall provide reference points, based on which decisions may be taken from a strategic angle, which, among other things, shall affect the growth of ICT use and the improvement of quality of ICT services in Curaçao.

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