CANTO: stepping stone towards broadband innovation and ICT driven economies in the Caribbean

CANTO is recognized as the leading trade association of the ICT sector for shaping information and communication in the Caribbean. Founded in 1985 as a non-profit association of 8 telephone operating companies, CANTO has now grown to over 123 members, including BT&P, in more than 34 countries.
Significant authority

CANTO prides itself on developing strategic relationships with all stakeholders in the ICT sector and its renowned, highly anticipated, Ministerial Roundtable provides a neutral forum each year, for government ministers to share their successes and concerns and seek solutions from participants which include operators, regulators, industry experts and suppliers.

The association’s authority in the field yearly attracts the region’s top delegates and ministerial power houses amongst whom our own Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Urban Planning of Curacao, Suzanne Camelia-Römer, who attended the conference and by request of the association contributed with an impactful speech to the Caribbean Women in ICT (CWIC) panel hosted by CANTO during the event.

Hot topics recap 2015
Recapping the current topics addressed at its last conference draws attention to the significant engagement of the association to educating the stakeholders in the Caribbean in further embedding ICT in their respective fields of expertise and in how joining forces and strategies in this regard will generate a solid platform for the region to profile itself from internationally and stimulate economies region wide through ICT innovation.

  • A particular focus of the event lied within providing a better understanding of the ICT sector and a thorough assessment of the progress made with broadband rollout through the gathering of information and statistics that show the current status in the Caribbean by means of the “Broadband Infrastructure Inventory and Public Awareness in the Caribbean (BIIPAC) Project” that will be completed in December 2015
  • The assistance of IDB countries in the Caribbean in broadband diagnosis and infrastructure maps, regulatory and institutional framework, ICT awareness and capacity building, as well as public policy and regional recommendations for the design of national broadband strategies were elaborated on as being the 4 main project components
  • Ministerial forums addressed views on how the region can develop broadband plans that combine strategies and programs to foster GDB, growth, create jobs and further stimulate innovation
  • ’Business Continuity: Emerging Telecommunications Risks’ and ‘ISO Certification’ were highlighted topics at an Operators roundtable
  • A ‘Regulating Innovation’ forum provided a platform for regulators to advise delegates on Network Performance as an Operators Competitive Differentiator; Considerations for Maximizing Return on Spectrum Investments; Regulatory Frameworks that facilitate Innovation; Broadband adoption and innovation in ECTEL Member States; and Exploring the Promise of a Bill and Keep Regime for Mobile Call Termination
  • A broad spectrum of communications technologies and in-depth information on the latest developments in voice, data, image, and multimedia were provided by a wide array of exhibitors

Upcoming Canto 2016
Having successfully concluded its 31st Annual Conference & Trade Exhibition (CANTO 2015) catering to the regional and international ICT/Telecommunication sector it is looking towards its 32nd premier Telecommunications event in the Caribbean held in Puerto Rico promising to be of even more added value to its members. 

In view of its track record in addressing relevant topics in the ICT and Telecommunications field, its ongoing

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