Strategic policy plan Horizon 2030

In May 2015 the minister of Traffic Transportation and Environmental Planning (VV&RP), Suzanne Camelia Römer commenced a process to formulate and implement a broad strategic policy plan: Strategic Policy plan Horizon 2030.

The key features of this plan are Innovation, Integration and Inclusiveness and aims in its implementation primarily at citizen’s participation.

For the formulation of the plan the minister composed a special team, consisting of the policy organization of the Ministry of VV&RP and experts of the KPMG. This team is tasked with:

  • Collecting information from various organizations which belong to the portfolio of the minister of  VV&RP and at the request of the minister are involved in the formulation of the policy plan.
  • Outlining the frameworks of the subjects
  • Analysis of data based on sessions conducted
  • Various other aspects, which have to further detail the policy plan

For the purpose of gathering information, the special team of the Ministry organized three sessions with   organizations involved and their own designated teams in charge of making a contribution to the strategic plan. Some of the organizations, which belong hereto, are BT&P, UTS, FKP, C-Post, ABC Busbedrijf, PSB Bank, DC-ANSP, Maritime Authority Curaçao, CCAA and several others. During the first two sessions a survey was conducted at all the organizations involved regarding what their Vision, Mission, Challenges and Opportunities are as defined for 2030.

These sessions each have an interactive character and require a thorough preparation by all participants.

Subjects for discussion during the sessions and to be dealt with in the strategic policy plan are inter alia:

  • Traffic and Transportation by air
  • Traffic and transportation by sea
  • Traffic and transportation and transportation on land
  • Communication and data
  • Public Transportation
  • Post
  • Infrastructure (housing and road building)
  • Financial services


For the purpose of the various sessions, the organizations involved are clustered by subject, in order to obtain a view as broad as possible, but particularly as representative as possible of whatever is to be anticipated in these areas in Curaçao in the future and how to timely and most adequately adapt to same.

In this framework for the third session (26 May 2015) stakeholders and social partners, whose input is essential for the inception of the policy plan, were invited. With this in mind, the third session was specifically oriented to the perspectives and priorities of possible collaboration with these groups.

Further information about new sessions and progress related to the implementation of the plan will follow as soon as new steps have been taken in this direction.

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