Policy directive Moratorium Concessions Mobile Telecommunication 2015-2020

By Ministerial Decree dated 27 October 2015, No. 2015/054043, the minister of Traffic Transportation and Environmental Planning determined the Policy directive Moratorium Concessions Mobile Telecom­mu­nication 2015-2020 to enter into force immediately on 30 October 2015 for a period of 5 years, except for adaptations between times or termination.  

During this period BT&P will perform investigations by order of the minister of Traffic Transportation and Environmental Planning to ascertain the consequences of the moratorium for the relevant parties involved, being the government, the concession holders and the end users.

In this Policy directive further rules are outlined, which will be applicable during the course of the moratorium on applications for a concession regarding the construction, maintenance, and commercial operation of a telecommunication-infrastructure in view of an adequate provision of mobile telecom­munication services.

The determined Policy directive Moratorium Concessions Mobile Telecom­mu­nication 2015-2020 is motivated in a material sense and further elucidated in the Policy Paper Moratorium Concessions Mobile Telecom­mu­nication. In same are, among other things, charted the qualitative and quantitative considerations of the policy at the inception of the moratorium. In addition an insight is provided in the Policy Paper into the background and the objective of same, as well as the problem on which it is based.

The information as determined in the aforementioned documents was published on 30 October 2015 in the “Curaçaosche Courant”, the Official Gazette and you may download it as well below.


Ministerial Decree from the Minister of Traffic, Transportation                                           
and Environmental Planning, No. 2015/054043
Policy directive Moratorium Concessions Mobile                                                     
Telecommunication 2015-2020                                                                                                          

Policy Paper Moratorium Concessions Mobile                                                      


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