RKCS Starting Conference: ICT and media savviness learning process for the education sector

The BT&P is closely involved in initiatives aimed at creating a common vision for Curaçao as a proactive information society with ICT playing a leading role in all aspects of society.

The BT&P therefore considers it important for Curaçao to continue developing in the ICT area and grow into a knowledge economy making optimal use of ICT and related skills in different sectors of society, including education.

As regards education, the focus is on smarter use of ICT to produce new and better teaching methods aimed at meeting the students’ individual needs, thus helping to maximize the effectiveness of the education system.

ICT in education

Worldwide education is being influenced more and more by the far-reaching trends of globalization and IT use. Students nowadays see the internet, smartphones, apps and other digital resources as natural phenomena and can no longer imagine a life without them.

Effective education: a targeted approach to the IT effect

Making sure that teaching materials and tools remain optimally in tandem with these rapid developments and that students are able to make effective use of the resources available to them presents a challenge to the education sector, as effective learning in the digital era can only be achieved by means of a targeted approach.

Journeying Together with the RKCS starting conference

On August 3, 2015, the RKCS (Central Board of Roman Catholic Schools, by its Dutch abbreviation) organized the RKCS starting conference Samen op Reis (Journeying Together), with the objective of bringing together all interested parties in order to learn about “the new learning” and take their media savviness one step further.

Also present—in addition to teachers, education officials, the government and sponsors from the ICT sector—were BT&P delegates and representatives of several other consulting organizations with core activities that relate to ICT and the effects of ICT developments and are aimed at improving the level of the community’s ICT savviness.

A variety of workshops and handy education tools

A wide variety of workshops were presented at the conference, on subjects ranging from internet privacy issues in schools and producing digital teaching materials (and sharing these via “cloud computing”) to techniques and practical advice on offering real-time, simultaneous education at multiple locations.

All in attendance also received the Reisgids Digitaal Leermateriaal (Digital Teaching Materials Travel Guide) for the Dutch-speaking regions. This guide is available both as a book and as a web app, and serves as a practical guide to resources, teaching methods, tools and role models regarding the use of digital teaching materials in daily practice in the . Click here  for a practice-based presentation on the guide’s added value to education in Dutch-speaking regions.

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