Press release 20150803: the adaption of the tariffs for electricity and water per 1 August 2015



the adaption of the tariffs for electricity and water per 1 August 2015

The Bureau Telecommunication and Post (hereinafter: the Bureau) provides further explanation through this press release concerning the background of the adaptation of the tariffs for electricity and water as per 1 August 2015, as resolved by the Council of Ministers. This adaptation concerns the monthly adjustment of the so-called fuel-clause. This clause is adjusted every month because of the changes in the prices of oil products, likewise as the changing scope of wind and solar energy. The prices are established on the basis of forecasts for the upcoming month in combination with after calculations over the past month.

Adaptation of tariffs for electricity and water
The fuel clause for electricity is decreased per 1 August with approximately five cents per kWh. This implies that the tariff for electricity decreases with approximately five cent per kWh for all the tariff groups. Thus the household tariff up to 250 kWh decreases from 0,5960 guilders per kWh to 0,5446 guilders per kWh, and the business tariff decreases from 0,7057 guilders per kWh to 0,6543 guilders per kWh.

The fuel clause for water remains practically the same per 1 August. This signifies that the water tariff remains the same for practically all tariff groups. In this way the household tariff up to 9 m3 of 7,5241 guilder per m3 changes to 7,5135 guilders per m3, and the business tariff of 13,0441 guilders per m3 changes to 13,0335 guilders per m3.

Explanation new tariffs
The price change of electricity in August primarily results from a passed-on tariff increase having been dropped. At the calculation of the prices for the month of June it became apparent that those entailed an increase of more than 10%. In order to limit the tariff increase in June it was decided to pass on approximately five cent per kWh to the month of July. Since it had a term of validity of one month, it becomes extinct as per 1 August. The basic fuel costs are relatively stable, and there is no correction worth mentioning.

For water applies that the production figures are stable. The fuel clause is also stable, since it is based on the fuel costs for electricity and the passed on mutation of the tariff is not applicable to water.

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