Radiocommunications Agency pays a working visit to the Caribbean

The Radiocommunications Agency of the Netherlands (Agentschap Telecom) paid a working visit to Curaçao, Sint Maarten and Bonaire from the 15th to the 21st of March 2015.

The purpose of the March 2015 visit on the one hand concerned consultations with supervisors on Curaçao and Sint Maarten about mutual interests in the field of telecommunication and collaborations arising from this and on the other hand was to discuss plans and focal points for the coming period and also to conduct public inquiries in the framework of the Dutch Administrative Justice Act.

You can read more on the focal points discussed during this visit here below.

Agreement Curaçao, Sint Maarten and BES

In order to come up with a targeted response on the further development of the Telecommunications market in Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the Dutch Caribbean, the supervising organizations in these territories have concluded an agreement about the procedures in force between parties involved for the distribution of number sequences, radio call signs and network codes. This agreement serves to warrant the common interests in this field between Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands.

In this agreement it has, among other things, been laid down that numbers, call signs and network codes that have already been assigned, will remain with the agency they have been assigned to. An exception will be made in a number of cases where, for the sake of recognizability of the area and unambiguity of the issue, the current assignments will be withdrawn and exchanged for a new number or new call sign.

The agreement was signed by the Radiocommunications Agency (Agentschap Telecom), the Directorate for Energy, Telecommunication and Markets (DETM), BTP Curaçao and BTP Sint Maarten.

Mutual recognition of certificates: Curaçao, Sint Maarten, BES and Aruba

The recognition of maritime certificates between different countries and the BES islands within the Kingdom is not yet governed by law. The Radiocommunications Agency (Agentschap Telecom) is in consultation with the countries within the Kingdom in order to achieve recognition of certificates for all countries and other territories and to regulate such by law.

Frequency coordination Curaçao, Sint Maarten and BES

The rising demand for frequency spectrum for mobile services in Curaçao, Sint Maarten and the BES islands is a reason for orientation regarding the possibilities for coordination of mutual frequency plans and frequency plans of directly surrounding territories (such as St. Kitts, French Sint Maarten). In this framework, during its visit, the Radiocommunications Agency (Agentschap Telecom) investigated which mutual similarities required adjusting together with supervisors and how arrangements could jointly be made with surrounding territories to deal with the shortage of frequency spectrum.

Focal points BES

For the coming period the Radiocommunications Agency (Agentschap Telecom) has determined focal points that are the basis for its work activities as supervising authority on the BES islands. The focal points are:

  • The simplification of concessions and authorizations through various efficiency enhancing measures, which include the introduction of the interconnection model, the introduction of a 24-hour emergency service and the reduction of consultations regarding technical documentation.
  • The adjustment of the rates system for the purpose of a simplification of the structure and a cost reduction for operators and end users in the Telecomsector.
  • Establishing a Telecom fund for the purpose of improving the quality, continuity and speed of the data services and service provision for the end user, the improvement of the infrastructure and/or coverage in sparsely populated areas and the realization of telecommunications services for the population.

 Public inquiries on the BES islands

The companies WICC, established in Saba, and Antiano Por, established in Bonaire, each submitted a notice of objection to the Radiocommunications Agency (Agentschap Telecom) in the framework of the Administrative Justice Act.

In accordance with the procedure for addressing notices of objection, the Radiocommunications Agency, chaired the public inquiries of WICC and Antiano Por during this working visit. Before long, WICC and Antiano Por will receive the final decision regarding the notice of objection.

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