Masterplan Curaçao Information Society

Economies worldwide are becoming increasingly more knowledge-driven. A thorough understanding of the role of technologies that facilitate the accumulation, diffusion and absorption of knowledge is becoming more vital to be innovative as a country.

Curaçao faces unique challenges regarding its ICT diffusion and use. It is therefore undeniable that the development of an ICT or Information Society Masterplan, setting the direction and parameters for different areas of activities addressing the country’s specific needs, identifying areas of priority and including measurable, quantitative results, has become increasingly relevant.

Since 2008 the Knowledge Platform Curaçao has expressed its vision for Curaçao to become a pro-active information society. To develop Curaçao as an internationally competitive, leading, respected, creative and intelligent society, able to play a leading role in the region and be recognized as a future hub in the global value chains, benefiting socially and economically from a community wide pro-active and innovative approach towards ICT.

The Knowlegde Platform Curaçao is a multi-stakeholder foundation in Curaçao, and an official chapter of the international cooperation of the ‘Internet Society' ISOC, where a broad spectrum of businesses and public sector agencies are gathered, such as government ministries and agencies, the university, private businesses and associations.

Through various periodic multi-stakeholder conferences held by Bureau Telecommunicatie & Post together with the Knowledge Platform Curaçao between 2009 and 2013 an ICT Masterplan was developed for Curaçao: The Masterplan Curaçao Information Society. This Masterplan describes the vision and programme of the Knowlegde Platform, with information and input gathered from a broad, local audience.

Scope Masterplan

The Masterplan Curaçao Information Society is based on three key objectives to help create a successful social and economic development.

  1. To grow in economic relevance within the region.
  2. To provide jobs, education and intellectual stimulation.
  3. To establish a change in the parameters of currently established economic pillars, by diversifying

economic pillars from dependency on the hospitality industry and oil refinery towards a future with a more balanced and sustainable mix of industries for generations to come.

4 areas of development, 12 goals

To accomplish the objectives above, 4 key areas of development have been defined with each a series of underlying goals that can be reached through the performance of the different steps as set out in the Masterplan Curaçao Information Society.

The 4 key areas of development are:

  1. Organizing the development of the information society
  2. Paving the road with a modern Telecoms and the internet infrastructure
  3. Digital welfare in life and work
  4. A competitive and collaborative society

The final version of the Masterplan Information Society v2.0 was drafted in 2013. The Masterplan gives an extensive overview of these 4 areas of development and gives an in-depth elaboration on the 12 underlying goals that have been established per area making it clear which challenges will be encountered and which actions are imperative to be taken in order to accomplish the vision of Knowledge Platform for Curaçao as a country:

2019: Curaçao will be the leading information society in the Caribbean, with a well-developed knowledge economy.

2025: Curaçao will be a country based on good governance, with high quality of life, sustainable socio-economic development and education that is motivating to all citizens to develop themselves and to contribute to the development of their country.

For more information or to download Masterplan Curaçao Information Society click here.

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