DECT 6 cordless phones causing interference

Users of 3G/4G networks (UMTS) have been encountering problems when sending and receiving data via mobile phones (BlackBerry’s and other smart phones) and USB dongles.

Investigations done by Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (hereinafter, BT&P) regarding these problems, have shown that the interference in the 3G/4G networks are mainly caused by DECT 6 cordless phones. In connection with this, BT&P has decided to stop the sale and use of DECT 6 cordless phones immediately. All retailers of DECT 6 cordless phones have been informed well in advanced by BT&P.

To prevent interference with the 3G/4G networks, and thereby guarantee an interference-free usage of BlackBerry’s, smart phones and USB dongles for others and yourself, you are hereby requested not to use DECT 6 cordless phones. A selection of these prohibited DECT 6 cordless phones are shown in the following overview.

Prohibited DECT 6 cordless phones:
Make Model(s)
Panasonic: KX-TG 6431/ 4011/ 6512B/ 8052B/ 9322T/ 6545B/ 4111B/ 7622B/ 8412B/ 7623B
Uniden: DECT 1363BK/ 1580-4/ 2185-3
Philips: CD 150
Vtech : CS 6124/ 6219/ 6429/ DS 6221 en 6151/ IS 6110/ LS 6245 en 6113R


Prohibited frequencies for wireless devices:
1900 MHz-1920 MHz, DECT in China
1910 MHz-1930 MHz, DECT in Latin Amerika
1920 MHz–1930 MHz, DECT (DECT 6.0) in U.S.A. and Canada
5.8GHz --> handset 5857.20-5865.90MHz, basis station 912.75-917.10MHz
2.4GHz --> handset 912.75-917.10MHz, basis station 2410.2-2418.9MHz

Finally the BT&P requests everybody to notify her of stores that have DECT 6 cordless phones for sale in order to undertake appropriate measures. Please do notify the BT&P on the following telephone number 463-1700 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The director of Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post
ing. J.D. de Canha

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