Decision for APT 700 MHz bandplan for LTE (4G)

The Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BTP) has decided to use the ‘APT 700 MHz bandplan’ for deployment of LTE (4G) in Curacao within the 700 MHz spectrum. This decision is necessary for operators to deliver LTE (4G) mobile broadband to their clients in this band.

The use of frequency spectrum of Curacao is regulated by BTP. Parts of this spectrum are reserved for mobile data, of which one of them is the 700 Mhz band.

BT&P made a decision between two different bandplans for this band, the ‘APT bandplan’ and the ‘FCC bandplan’ which is used in the United States. After careful research and analysis of pro’s and con’s of both options, BT&P decided to use the APT bandplan in Curacao. The APT bandplan is more efficient, which results in more available spectrum and higher bandwidth, and avoids fragmentation and lock-ins.

Furthermore, the broad adoption of the APT bandplan in Asia an Latin-America (see figure below), justifies the expectation of a broad range of mobile devices supporting the APT 700 MHz bandplan. Next, the economies of scale of these markets will most probably bring reasonably priced devices for the benefit of consumers.

Bron: Presentatie, John Giusti, Head of Policy, GSMA, 26 februari 2014 

The BT&P expects to assign within the 700 MHz spectrum conform the APT 700 MHz bandplan in the near future. Also note that there is the possibility for deployment of LTE in other bands, like the 900 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz band. Especially the 1800 MHz band is attractive, as this band is supported by a broad range of mobile devices and the fact that this is the most popular band for roaming.


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