Curacao on 4th position in worldwide broadband internet adoption ranking

In Curacao, 87 of 100 IP-connections to Akamai were faster than 4 Mbps during the last quarter of 2013 (see figure). Therefore, Curacao ranks 4th in a worldwide top 10 ranking of countries with the highest broadband adoption at that speed, according to Akamai’s quarterly report “State of the Internet Q4 2013”. 

Figure: Top 10 “Broadband (>4 Mbps) connectivity” measured by Akamai [1].


Curacao ranks fourth after South Korea, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Despite the small decline in broadband adoption of 0,2% from the third to fourth quarter of 2013, the annual growth from Q4 2012 to Q4 2013 was measured an impressive 44%.  Due to this increase Curacao pushed itself into the top 10 for the first time in the third quarter of 2013.

About the measurement

Akamai's network is one of the world's largest distributed-computing platforms, handling the distribution of web-content, for example from Facebook and Apple iTunes. Akamai is responsible for serving around 20 percent of all web traffic [2]. This is why Akamai has a broad range of measurement data available on internet statistics. In Curacao, Akamai placed a local cache server at the AMS-IX Caribbean.

[1] Akamai’s State of the Internet Q4 2013 Report, Volume 6, Number 4 (

[2] (Datum website visit: 5th of May 2014)

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