BT&P Technical Department is taking an intensive refresher course “automated frequency spectrum monitoring”

BT&P is responsible for frequency management regarding the frequency spectrum for Curaçao. Frequency is a scarce item and for optimal management of this, a reliable process is required

The entire process of frequency management can be divided into the cycles/sub-processes: application, assignment, invoicing and inspection. The Technical Department is charged with assigning frequencies and inspection of the use thereof. The purpose of inspection is to:

1. verify if frequencies are used efficiently;
2. verify if frequencies are used illegally;
3. verify if broadcasting stations comply with the conditions of the concessions/licenses;
4. track sources of interference.

Carrying out technical inspections by hand is not efficient and error-sensitive. In order to carry out the inspections efficiently and effectively, BT&P has a “state of the art” frequency monitoring system at its disposal.

This enables all possible inspections in the field of RF signals to be carried out, processed and analyzed in an automated manner. Obviously, a specialist is required to configure the tool and interpret and verify the results. In order to allow the BT&P staff to carry out their tasks to the best of their ability, there are refresher courses on a regular basis. From 11-15 March, the BT&P staff of the Technical Department took an intensive refresher course “automated frequency spectrum monitoring”.



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