Planning and status of the IPv6 migration on Curaçao

Update: April 2015

BT&P defined for the following parties the necessary steps for adoption of IPv6:

Role of BT&P

In the document “ A Practical approach for IPv6 Introduction and Migration” (2012) BT&P has defined the following objectives for the government and BT&P regarding the adoption of IPv6:

  1. Create awareness on the importance of IPv6
  2. Act as a catalyst for IPv6 migration
  3. Stimulate thorough preparation for IPv6

1.  Create awareness on the importance of IPv6

Through the course of the passed three years BT&P organized three seminars that focussed on the importance of  IPv6 and to which all local stakeholder were invited. The three seminars are: an IPv6 consultation round in October 2012, the ICT Roadshow conference of the Caribbean Telecommunication Union in September 2013, 3 followed by the international LACNIC conference in October/November 2013.
Additionally, in 2013 BT&P offered a IPv6 course to stakeholder organizations which, among others, was attended by the government, data centers, operators, UNA and SVB.

2.  Act as a catalyst for IPv6 migration

BT&P is researching into the readiness of operators while motivating them to develop and submit an IPv6 migration plan. At the same time BT&P is in the midst of arranging its office IT network to enable the implementation of IPv6.

3.  Stimulate thorough preparation for IPv

In view of the increasing depletion of IPv4 addresses at LACNIC the third objective of BT&P is to ensure that telecom and data service providers switch in the short term to providing IPv6 addresses. To enable a controlled migration process of the BT&P office an ‘office level’ migration plan has been developed. This ‘office level’ IPv6 migration plan is available at BT&P upon request.

Role of operators

The role of the operators consists of making their networks IPv6 ready and to provide connectivity to the market. Operators that already provide IPv6 connectivity to their clients and are IPv6 ready are Flow, Tres and Scarlet. UTS is still in the midst of its IPv6 migration project. Other operators  unfortunately have not replied to the request to take part in the IPv6 readiness research or the reminder letters to do so.

BT&P will continue to emphasize on a timely migration to IPv6 by operators.

Role of businesses

Businesses have been included in all organized seminars and have also been invited to the IPv6 training in 2013. Various companies, such as data centers and consultancy companies, were present at this training.

With the IPv6 connectivity offered by a few operators to their clients, BT&P expects that the demand for IPv6 will increase automatically.

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