The existing legislation regarding supervision on the electricity supply can be roughly divided into two categories, which are:


  1. a national ordinance pertaining to electricity concessions, which is the National Ordinance electricity concessions (P.B. 1963, nr. 64) and
  2. a national ordinance pertaining to the adoption of prices and rates, which is the Pricing Ordinance 1961 (P.B. 1961, nr. 117)

Pursuant to the national ordinance electricity concessions it is not possible to produce electricity and deliver it to third parties, without a concession from the government. The concession is granted for a specific duration and it may be subject to conditions. These conditions especially concern the requirements that the concession holder must comply with for the duration of the concession. The supervision has a legal and an economic nature.

Legal supervision mostly concerns supervision on compliance, which means a continuous assessment as to whether the concession holder follows the conditions of the concession, the law and other regulations.

Economic supervision concentrates specifically on the affordability of electricity rates for the community. In that case the Pricing Ordinance is a determining factor. The Pricing Ordinance enables the government of Curaçao to interfere in the price-setting of goods and services, so also in the realization of electricity rates by determining minimum and maximum prices. In this case it will always concern maximum prices.



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