There is no specific legislation in Curaçao for the supply of fuels as yet, as is the case for electricity and drinking water. As such, a concession is not required. However, through a government enterprise, the government does have the role of central fuel supplier in the community. This central fuel supplier delivers fuels to all gasoline pump holders on the island and to other parties.
There is however, economic supervision being conducted on the supply of some fuels. These are the regulated fuels. Economic supervision focuses particularly on the affordability of the fuel rates for the community. In that case, the Pricing Ordinance is a determining factor. The Pricing Ordinance enables the government of Curaçao, in the price-setting of goods and services and also in the realization of fuel rates to intervene by setting minimum or maximum prices. In this case, in principle it will concern maximum prices, but in order to combat undesired price competition between gasoline pump holders, the government may also determine minimum prices.

The prices for regulated fuels are determined each month.
Download the latest tariff  for 2015.

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