Supervision on the telecommunication sector has been formally incorporated in the National Ordinance Telecommunication Facilities, or in short, the Telecommunication Ordinance (P.B. 1995, nr. 196). The Telecommunication ordinance (for others than the Nation) in principle a concession for installing, maintaining and operation of a telecommunication infrastructure. Such a concession shall always be bound by conditions. Each concession also comes with the granting of the radio frequencies required for the use of the concession. Only those parties installing telecommunication structures of a special nature or of limited proportions are exempted from the concession requirement.

For installing, using, maintaining or operating (or having operated) a radio-electrical broadcasting structure, a wire broadcasting structure or a cable structure by non-concession holders (except for investigative services) an authorization from the Minister of Traffic, Transportation and Environmental Planning is required. Those parties already holding an authorization as referred to above will be eligible for a television license as referred to in the Television National Ordinance (P.B. 1971, nr. 33).

For the concessions and authorizations there are fees that must be paid to the government, likewise as fees for costs in connection with various tests, allowing peripheral equipment and dealing with complaints about breakdowns.

Finally, selling or leasing out radio-electrical transmission or reception structures to (legal) persons who have no authorization from the abovementioned Minister is prohibited.

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